"I highly


"I was looking for storage for my large boat. I am extremely picky about how my equipment is kept as it was a large investment for our family. I was also bothered that my investment was baking under the sun and my cover was fading and becoming waterlogged when it rained. It was also awkward keeping the boat at my home during the summer because it took up so much space and my HOA complained about it being parked in my yard. I found Utah Storage and now I keep the boat there year round. When I want to use it I simply go there and pick it up and when I am done, I drop it off. The other great bonus is that I don’t have to winterize it any longer and get more use in the early spring and late summer when I want to go south. They are great to work with and take care of my equipment like it is their own!! I wish I would have found them much sooner. Thanks for all you have done for me!"
Simmons Family
Holladay, Utah
"I Wish I would have found them


"We looked and looked for a great place to store our Motor Coach that was heated and secure. We are very particular about how it is cared for because it is our baby. We were so excited to find Utah Storage Services. Because it is heated, we don’t have to worry about winterizing any longer. We now use our Motor Coach virtually all year long because we don’t have to put it away for the winter. We use it when we want to and then take it back to Utah Storage and put it away until our next excursion. We are now getting the use we dreamed of when we purchased it last year. The storage area is fantastic. It has epoxy painted floors and is very clean. The people there are very professional and are the kind of people that you can trust. I highly recommend them."
Jack and Karen Cummings
Park City, Utah